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      Provincial “four get one free” working group came to Hualan for research

      Time:2019-09-27      Auto:

      According to the “four delivery and one service” on-site promotion week activities in Anqing City, on the morning of September 26, the “Four Free Delivery Service” Working Group (First Group) of Anhui Province visited our company and investigated the Enterprise Income Tax Department of the Provincial Taxation Bureau. Second-level researcher Yang Yonggang led the team, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone, Wu Haihong, deputy director of the Management Committee, and Yan Xuqing, deputy researcher of the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee. Xu Guoliang, general manager of the company warmly received a working group.

      In order to deepen understanding and help enterprises, the working group listened carefully to Mr. Xu's report on the company's situation, and inquired in detail about the company's implementation of policies, market development, project construction, certification, and factor protection. In other aspects, understand the implementation of the tax reduction and fee reduction policy and the implementation effect, and strive for accurate service. Mr. Xu said that under the support of the provincial and municipal leaders, after eight years of independent development, the company has completed its initial venture and officially embarked on the high-quality development path of “specialized and special”, both in terms of economic efficiency and brand effectiveness. The qualitative leap, the company's future prospects are good. The research leaders have highly praised and appreciated the company's good development and hard work.

      Subsequently, Wu Haihong conducted in-depth discussions on the financing and steam supply difficulties encountered in the current development of the company and the company's leadership. Yang Yonggang fully affirmed the achievements of the “four get one free service” work in Anqing High-tech Zone. He emphasized that the purpose of launching the “four get one free service” on-site promotion week is to help enterprises solve development problems, boost market confidence, and urge various support policies. Landing is effective, creating a good development environment for the company. For the problems and demands reflected by the enterprise, the working group will actively coordinate the various functional departments to sort out the solutions; for the opinions and suggestions put forward by the enterprises, they will actively strive for the full reduction of the real economy.

      Before leaving, Yang Yonggang once again expressed the hope that Hualan Company can continue to carry forward the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and development, fully exert the innovative vitality of special-purpose and special-oriented enterprises, persist in becoming bigger and stronger, and strive to become the new force and industry of the economic development of Anqing High-tech Zone. Develop benchmarks. On behalf of all the staff of the company, Mr. Xu once again thanked the working group for their guidance and guidance, and said that they will not forget the initial and pragmatic development, and will never live up to the ardent expectations of leaders at all levels.

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